R & R: Places to Visit Just Outside San Francisco

by VANCO Real Estate Executives 05/17/2020

Photo by Karen Arnold via Pixabay

Living in San Francisco is already a delight to the senses. From the fog to the bay to the heart of the city, you'll find it all. But if you do find yourself looking for a little change of pace, you don't actually have to look very far. The popularity of the Bay area has made it easy to find new experiences not far from your own backyard.  Here are three suggestions if you're looking for a weekend destination you won't soon forget. 


Yountville is essentially Napa, but this little area has a bit of an edge for the many foodies of San Francisco. Home to heaps of Michelin stars, including The French Laundry, you'll find the kinds of culinary experiences that inspire novels, songs, and movies. The tasting rooms here pull from the many boutique wineries in the area, meaning you'd be hard-pressed to find a bad pour. Yountville is a little less saturated than Napa, and the village is warm and welcoming to visitors. Located just 55 miles away, you're just a hop, skip, and a jump from the country. 


Tahoe is probably most well-known for its skiing, but even if you don't like to hit the slopes, there's still plenty to do. This tourist destination has led to everything from a golf course to killer nightlife. Hike the Sierra Nevadas, kayak in the Emerald Bay, or gamble in the city center for a little added excitement. Tahoe is best experienced when you keep an open mind to the many experiences around you. Just make sure you do a little research before you make the three-hour trek. The lake is 200 miles around so make sure you map out where you want to go before you end up driving the whole time!

Mendocino Coast 

The coastal cities of California each have their own vibe, and part of the fun is exploring what makes each one unique. From beaches to gardens to galleries, Mendocino Coast is a particularly scenic and romantic place to visit. However, it's also one of the more rugged and wild places on the coast. Mendocino is the perfect spot to visit if you're ready to escape the crowds of San Francisco. The waterfalls, headlands, and bridges tend to be a little isolated — and that's just the way visitors and locals like it! 

No matter how beautiful and diverse your San Francisco neighborhood happens to be, sometimes it's good to have a little change of pace. Whether you want excellent food, a lonely hike, or an exciting jet-skiing excursion on a lake, you'll find it all without having to take a single vacation day!